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To build a more progressive Connecticut through issue advocacy and the strategic recruitment, mentoring, and support of progressive women to run in targeted, winnable elections at the state level.


PoliticaCT supports progressive values 

  • Unconditionally pro-choice and access to full reproductive health care
  • Funding for universal pre-K and funding for childcare
  • LGBTQ equality
  • Sensible gun safety laws
  • A livable wage
  • Meaningful paid family and medical leave
  • Collective bargaining
  • Criminal justice reforms
  • High-quality public schools
  • Environmental protection and equity
  • Health care as a right for all people
  • The right of all people to live free from violence and harassment
  • The rights of immigrants including a timely path to citizenship

PoliticaCT will actively recruit, mentor, and support strong women candidates who are

  • Fierce advocates for our priority issues
  • Running in a winnable district
  • Running in a district where an incumbent does not support these issues, or there is an open seat.

We will support progressive male candidates who share our core values through our advocacy strategies.

PoliticaCT will support, in coalition whenever possible, smart progressive public policies by

  • Developing strategic analyses of districts and messaging
  • Activating our membership to engage in issue advocacy and in support of selected candidates
  • Engaging in coalition building, grassroots organizing, strategic communications and advocacy in support of our priority issues
  • Recruiting progressive women candidates in targeted districts
  • Recruiting experienced progressive woman mentors